Skiller - stickhandling extender

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My Floorball Skiller is professional stickhandling training aid for Floorball Players
  • It will help you to improve your ball control, coordination, reaction time and other skills you need in floorball.  

  • My Floorball Skiller is compact and easely partable to any training surface.   

  • With the Unique and smart design we have created Skiller that can be used in different angles to change variarity for your training session. 

  • We have created smart design with high quality markings with 3 different colors and multiple numbers to create interactive training station and improve on your skills using interactive training App - My Floorball Training that you can get on APP STORE.  

  • It will take less than one minute to set up and start your training session 

5 ribs (each 51 cm)
Total lenght 213 cm

This product is great for training on and off the ice . Puck - Tennis Ball - Floorball can slide underneath. Extends and configures to your needs . Folds away for easy storage!